New/rebuild and restauration

When we Rebuild a ship, we will do this job very thorough and with great perfection. This old ship will be taken apart completely and all part will be made as new (or better) Your beautiful (often classic) ship will be “as new” again….. and gain a great value, because we are allowed to give the ship a new Rebuild date, signed by our shipyard. Your ship will be a collector’s item, custom build for you. You will not find another ship like yours. We will give great interest in safety, construction and the demands of today.

A “Rebuild” is different than a “Refit”, because will not only look to the optical aspects of the ship, but we will also take great care to renew and improve the overall performance of your ship. The ship will be take apart for so much as necessary, and we will make a new (re)-building plan Here we will look into the following aspects;

• The Layout
• The Interior Charisma
• The Electronic Installation
• The Instruments
• The overall Safety
• Hidden construction defects
• The main Engine, Bowthruster and Generator
• The Hull land deck construction

• The (Teak)deck
• The windows/ Port-holes/ Hatches
• The Rigging and Rigging-control
• The Sails and the Sail plan
• The hull coating and the structure coating
• All varnished parts
• The Deck-fittings
• The lights and the Energy plan

Please don’t hesitate to call us or send us an E-mail. We are looking forward to have an intake presentation. We will take the time to listen to your wishes and demands. After this presentation you will have a good idea what we can do for you and what the result will be at the end. Your ship will leave our shipyard completely Rebuild, so she’s ready for a n great “second life” Your ship will be better than she was ever meant to be.