About us

Who we are

ASH was founded 12 years ago by Erik van Leeuwen. Erik has a professional background in chemicals and has been a product specialist for maritime businesses at Sikaflex. His expertise in teak decks got  Erik  the nickname “dr. Teak deck” . The team of ASH Yachting consists mainly out of sailors, this way  they know by experience what sailing is and even better: they know what is needed to make a sailing experience perfect. ASH Yachting works with a network of flexible specialists. Because of it’s flexibility the team can both work cost efficient while maintaining the highest quality level.

ASH Yachting is situated in the “Zaanstreek”, a place just north of Amsterdam where the famous Dutch shipbuilding once flourished. This area is the place where highly innovative ships were built that couldn’t be built anywhere else in the world, they were faster and more durable. ASH continues the tradition by it’s innovative and durable materials and techniques.

Wat makes us unique

ASH Yachting strives to keep the cost of your project as low as possible. Not by giving in on quality, but by only letting you invest in the things that are truely necessary and really ad value to your ship. An example of this is reuse or overhaul of parts.

By it’s flexible organization ASH always deploys the best team possible on your project.

A guarantee on quality.Door de flexibele organisatie zet ASH Yachting altijd het best denkbare team op uw project. Een garantie voor kwaliteit: ASH always provides you crispy clear offers and calculations. A deal really is a deal: No surprises!